Adventurous Ferry Ride from Bluewater

This trip was an impromptu vacation with my family. The trip was an opportunity to avoid the unhealthy, stressful, and hectic life in the city. Just a few miles from Singapore is a beautiful and blissful island heaven called Pulau Tioman. We used the Bluewater ferry to Tioman Island.


You can purchase a ticket for the ferry from the Mersing Jetty. It costs about $8.60 for adults and $7 for kids. Furthermore, you can buy it online. However, you should note that the times for the ferry tend to change. This is due to changes in the tide, so if you purchase a ticket for 8 AM do not be surprised that the ferry arrives at 3 PM. Essentially, the timing on online stores is not accurate. It is better to confirm ferry schedules when you arrive in Tioman since they have updated information. We chose to purchase the tickets at the jetty.

This was during the monsoon period, so it was a risky trip. During this time, only a single ferry will be available per day. The season begins from late October and continues to February. On normal weather, you can find an early morning and late night ferry. Cancellations are also common due to the unpredictability of the weather. You should be ready to find the necessary accommodation in case the ferry fails, and you will not be refunded.

Day 1

On arrival to Mersing at 11 PM, we purchased the tickets. The arrival time was at 2 PM, so we decided to find a place to eat and rest. We decided to go to the jetty early to enjoy the town. On our way, we came across a KFC outlet.

I must say we awed, and were delighted that it did not have any crowds and the free Wi-Fi provided was quite fast. There were several provision shops along the way, and we purchased some snacks and drinks for the trip. You should buy provisions from these stores as they are cheaper and have more choices.

Finally, we made our way towards the jetty. We took our boarding passes and paid the conservation fee of about $3.8. The ferry arrived at 3 PM.


We had planned to alight at Tekek and then walk to Juara. However, this was not possible as it was late in the evening, and the trek could be dangerous. Instead, we alighted at Air Batang and were accommodated at the bamboo hill chalet. The next morning, we took the 1-mile walk to Tekek and finally the 4-mile jungle track to Juara. Juara is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Island, and the risk was worth it.

We paid $23 per night. However, if you are staying for just a single night, then you will have to pay an additional $2 as a surcharge. The rooms are simple, and they offer a unique experience of the Malaysian style and culture.

Pulau Tioman has many attract beaches that would be a delight to tour. The accommodations are also cheap, and you can enjoy nature through jungle treks.

Journey from Singapore inside a ferry

Singapore is a destination that is widely visited by many tourists from all around the world. One of the main appealing aspects of a nation is that it can easily welcome and attract tourists from all parts of the world thanks to its hospitality and friendly nature of the people. This island nation has many things to enjoy and there are several places of tourist interests in the city where many people flock at all times of the day.

But, one of the most anticipated thing which people look forward to when they are in Singapore is the city’s famous ferry rides. There are several famous ferry stations in the city—the most popular one being the Harbour Front Station— from where you can get a ferry ride to several exciting and exotic places in and around the city.

Travel to the Asean countries:

One of the most economical and fastest ways to travel through the Asean countries (the name of the South Asian countries’ group) is by the ferry rides. From Singapore, you can easily travel to places like Indonesia and Malaysia with the help of these ferry rides and companies. And, you will be surprised to know that all tourists and travellers coming into Singapore—irrespective of their budget—prefer to use the ferries as they are fast and very convenient.

One such journey that many tourists make is the ferry ride from Singapore harbour centre terminal to the Batam island which is situated in Indonesia.

The Journey to explore Indonesia:   

As soon as you take a ferry to batam from Singapore, you also open a world of opportunities. Batam is right across the Strait of Singapore, and that’s why it is one of the popular destinations for all Singapore-based tourists. The island itself falls under the Riau Islands State or Province in Indonesia, and that’s why many see the place as a gateway to the Asean nations.

fast-bordingThe bintan ferry is also quite enjoyable, as during it you can experience the cool and gushing winds of the sea. Although the ferries here are quite small in terms of a number of capacity, they are quite studying and strong in order to withstand the wrath of the waters.

And, as soon as you anchor up in Indonesia thanks to a ferry ride, you can easily explore this great country too.

The whole nature of the journey:

The ride from Singapore to Batam is quite memorable to say the least. A general ferry ride can cost you near about 22 to 30 Singaporean dollars (SGD).

The ferries are quite appealing too in nature, as the decks of the ferries are designed in a way to promote tranquillity and good looks. So, if you are planning to visit Singapore, then make sure to book at ferry ride first!

Malaysia second home program – MM2H


Malaysia has been known to be comprising of an active government policy regarding positive immigration. As a result, it has been successful in attracting serious and high interest from international citizens who are on their ways to seek a superior and high quality lifestyle destination.


Consider Malaysia as Second Home Along with Car Rental in Klia2 Malaysia Airport

You may also consider Malaysia as your second home due to the incorporation of some world class facilities. It has also been recognized to be the right place for guys seeking a first world and sophisticated nation in which they can own freehold and a fantastic time for holiday through easybook car rental kuala lumpur. Some of the vital reasons enhancing the associated importance of the place include:

  • mm2h-336Malaysia my second home program – This has been famously known to be the government backed positive immigration policy which allows bringing the family members to reside with the other. The later must have qualified the right to live in Malaysia on a renewable and multiple entries ten year visas. As a result these members will definitely bear the right to own freehold property in Malaysia, import world class goods along with a new car for enjoying multiple benefits which are offered to the citizens of Malaysia.
  • Tax free – Along with fetching discounted rates in car rental in klia2 Malaysia airport, in case you have completely satisfied the medical and financial requirements essential for residing safely in Malaysia under the MM2H scheme in a legal manner, you are free from paying income tax. This can be avoided in a legitimate manner.
  • Education – Malaysia is a developing country. As a result it comprises of a large number of private and public universities, foreign universities, private tertiary colleges and international schools. Hence, you need not go for any special formality for enabling your ward to get admitted in these educational institutions. You may expect to get highly valued education in Malaysia.
  • Health care – Illness comes to us without any prior notice. But if you are a qualified citizen for residing in Malaysia, then need not worry as you may approach standard medical centers through cheap rated car rental in klia2 Malaysia airport. Yu may expect the best treatment regarding each and every sort of illness.
  • Exchange rate – As Malaysia is known to have an export driven economy, it has been successful in keeping the currency competitively high. In other words, the dollars, pounds, euros, yen can be expected to go further and available at high rate in Malaysia.
  • Natural beauty – In case you are a qualified person, you can easily purchase a home of your desire in Malaysia. You can undoubtedly enjoy the beautiful and scenic beauty associated with the nature either by yourself or through car rental in klia2 Malaysia airport It is totally up to your own choice.

Making your trips in Malaysia

Are you visiting Malaysia any time soon now? Do you have to visit Malaysia frequently for business purposes? If the answer is yes, then you must always be in the need for a personal vehicle that you can access, whenever you are in the need or mood to travel. Businesses always choose Malaysia as the best place for their annual meetings. If that is also the case with you and there are foreign delegates and your colleagues and seniors coming to Kuala Lumpur or any other place in Malaysia, then you must make arrangements for picking them up from the airport.

In that case, it is very important that you choose a good car rental in Malaysia Airport such as easybook malaysia car rental. The rented car will ensure that you can leave the airport at the time, when you want. Without the need to wait for a cab or to hire any other modes of conveyance, you can manage to have a car rented. All that you need to do is choose an online car rental service and hire a car that you can drive and ride on your own, as long as you stay at Malaysia.

Choose a car of your choice:


The best car rental service will always make sure that you have the widest collection and option for cars. Whether you are looking for a sedan or for a hatchback, a minibus or a 7 seater, you will be able to choose any car of your choice. The best part is that you will be even given the option to select the brand of the car that you want to choose. There is nothing better than driving a car all by yourself in your favourite city, when you are travelling with family for pleasure purposes or for business purposes.

The rental service will only require you to provide the information middle-of-the-nightregarding the date or start of the rental service and the end of the rental service, along with the designated place from where you want to pick the car up. The service provider will assure that the car has reached the destination on time and the car will be handed over to you at the time fixed by you.

Enjoy your trip according to your own plan:

If you want to visit too many places on a single day or you want to go for a long drive, if you want to enjoy the night life and travel at the middle of the night, the rented car will give you the peace of mind. If you want to ensure a comfortable trip for your children without depending on the public transports, you can do so with a rented car. Expect to save huge with this facility.

Having A Nite In Singapore For Fun

If you have time, you can also go for the famous Singapore Night Safari. And, to finish up your natural slate, do visit the Jurong Bird Park and the famous Botanical gardens of the city. Both of them are pretty easy to reach from city center if you have a rental car.

Do not miss out on the famous manmade attractions of the city:


Start with the Universal Studios; here you will be amused with the theme and the ambiance of the place. After this, go towards the Marina Bay area and appreciate the tall skyscrapers and the big edifices there. Also, do not miss out on the Tall tiger sky tower.

You can also take a walk over the waterfront promenade, but here you can’t take your car. Finish off your day with a visit to the underwater world where you can watch the near natural habitat of the oceanic world. The Underwater world has about 2500 plus marine animals for you to see and admire.

 Do remember to book your tickets beforehand:

One thing that you have to do in order to get a ferry ticket from Singapore is that you have to book the tickets, for you and your family, beforehand. In fact, even we had to book them in order to get a confirmed ticket for the ride. You can get the tickets from various websites and agencies that sell them. Just make sure that you book your tickets as per your plan and schedule and carry the valid documents required during your inter cross country transit.